Architectural Guidelines

House Plan Application & Final Approval Management

-We work alongside the land developer to both establish and implement guidelines. Our qualified staff liaise between developer, builder and the prospective buyer/purchaser, always working closely to ensure strategic solutions are provided in a timely manner.
-Reviewing and identifying topographical patterns and recommendation of necessary measures for grading, drainage and/or siting.
-We manage the process from application stage and subsequent recommendations to final approval and reporting.
-On-site inspections are conducted to evaluate and ensure compliance with guidelines and quality control.

Project Management

Additional Industry Advisory
-At Windward, we continue to provide Builder and/or Developer consultation.
-We conduct regular tours through subdivisions to monitor house construction, site cleanliness, inappropriate signage and unauthorized dumping of fill and garbage.
On-site Field Supervision

-Developer representative for engineering meetings, C.C.C. and F.A.C. inspections.
Small Construction and Maintenance Jobs
-Site cleanup, fence repair,etc.

Directional Signage

Weekly sign placement

- We also provide the placement and pick up of directional signage, including repairs and maintenance for the duration of the subdivision marketing period.